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About Us
Power City

Power City is one of Top seller for solar Energy components & industrial batteries in Egypt

That is In collaboration with it’s prestigious network and well know partners inside and outside Egypt

Such that we have an exclusive agency for major top 10 factories in Korea, Europe , India and China.

And also based on partners and distributors of major Egyptian companies working in the same field and have also products from top 10 factories around the world


باور سيتي احدى اشهر الشركات مبيعا في مصر بمجال الطاقة الشمسية والبطاريات

.وذلك بناء على امتلاكها لوكلات مصانع في كوريا واوربا والهند والصين تعد من العشرة الاولى على مستوى العالم في مجالها

.وايضا بناء على الشراكه والتوزيع لمنتجات اخرى عالمية تمتلك وكالاتها شركات مصرية كبرى تعمل في نفس المجال

Our goal is not intolerance to a particular product

But constantly follow the global market to provide the most suitable products in terms of quality and price always.

Feel free to communicate with us

+2 0100 811 4224

+2 0222 708 194

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